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Are You Wearing The Right Bra?

February 17, 2021

Are You Wearing The Right Bra?

All women come in different shapes and sizes, there’s no surprise there. But did you know all breasts are not created equally. That would mean the process of finding the right bra for each person is far from just getting the right cup and band size down. Finding the right fit is tricky especially when you're thinking about purchasing a bra online. Many retailers would just focus on finding the right size for customers but there are other factors to consider such as the length or width of your breast or even the distance between both breasts. Here are some tips you might find handy in finding “the one”.

Types of Breast:

1) Tear Drop Breast

Description:  As you can tell from it’s shape, the breast shape resembles teardrop. The shape is full, belling out slightly at the bottom. 

Best Fit: Padded and push-up bras are most suitable for teardrop shapes. It helps lift the breast up and provides the best support. If you are uncomfortable with padded bras, opt for underwired bras with minimal paddings.

Our recommendation: 

  • Pierre Cardin Comfort Boost Push-up Demi Bra

  • Pierre Cardin Comfort Push Up Bra

  • Pierre Cardin Striped Seamfree Push Up Bra


2) Relaxed Breast

Description: Relaxed shapes have lax tissue with nipples pointing downward. Relaxed breast shapes are usually common among women of older age. This is due to aging where the thinning of tissue and loss of skin elasticity. So it’s not uncommon for women to develop relaxed breast shapes later in life. It can also happen to women after childbirth or even changes in weight.

Best Fit:Full coverage bras are your best friends if you have relaxed shape breasts. Full coverage bras prevent any slippage and provide support for relaxed breasts. Bras with underwire and paddings are also a good choice. 

Our Recommendation: 

  • Pierre Cardin Harmonic Elements Full Coverage Bra

  • Pierre Cardin Perfect Nature Full Coverage Bra

  • Pierre Cardin Beyond Basics Full Coverage Bra


3 ) East West Breast

Description: East west shapes are when the nipples point outward in opposite directions with the breast being fuller at the bottom.

Best Fit:A smooth cupbra, underwired, that has padded or molded cups are best fit for breast shapes that are apart from one another. The padded or molded cups will bring the cups slightly front and give a more rounded lift to your ladies.

Our recommendation:

  • Pierre Cardin Minimalist Romance Lace Half-Cup Bra

  • Pierre Cardin Daily Colours Lace Half Cup

  • Pierre Cardin Melange Classics Full Coverage Bra


4) Asymmetrical Breast

Description: Asymmetrical breasts are one of the most common breast shapes out there. This is when one side of the breast is shaped larger than the other or sits lower than the other.

Best Fit: A bra with removable paddings is the best choice so that you may adjust the size of the padding for each side. For petite breast shapes, a bralette or even a sports bra can be a good opt.

Our recommendation: 

  • Pierre Cardin Luxe Boudior Lace Bralette

  • Pierre Cardin BE FREE Seam Free Bralette

  • Pierre Cardin Coachella Brami Cropped Camisole


Although different type of breast shapes require specific bras doesn't mean you need to avoid certain style of bras. As long as you feel comfortable, and confident, embrace whatever your choice is. 

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