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April 01, 2021


Let’s be real, when was the last time you shopped for a new pair of bra? If it’s been over 6 months, then it's time to get a new pair. Your breast deserves care and love and it is also much healthier for them to get a new one replaced every now and then. The question comes to mind to many, can we keep our bras forever? And the answer is, technically you can. However, it won’t be comfortable and may come with some health risk. Here are signs it’s time for you to replace your bras.

1) Lifespan

According to the rule of thumb,  bras need to be replaced every six months. Although it can be stretched out to twelve months, it’s much safer and healthier for your breast if you replace them every six months.  


2) Stretched out band

As time goes by, the band of the bra naturally stretches out. The more you wear and wash the more it stretches. As the band of the bra stretches, the bra will lose its support. 80% of support comes from the band. It holds your ladies snug and keeps them at place. You may be able to adjust the bra by making it tighter but eventually the bra band will be too loose even on the tightest hook.


3) Stretched out cups

if you've had the bra for a very long time, it's also possible that it has stretched out a little too much. If you notice the distance between the cups are further than what it originally was when you bought it, that means the cups have been stretched out. As a result, the breast will not be supported and the shape of the bra will show through your clothes. 


4) Fabric Breakdown

Fabric breakdown is one of the most obvious signs to get a new bra. Similarly to all clothes, when the fabric is tearing your bra is aging and losing its function For example, if the silicone on your strapless is losing its stickiness, the bra is as good as gone. It will lose its grip and slip off the breast easily. Of course this would depend on your wear and wash cycle.

If you see all these signs, it’s definitely time for you to get rid of the old and in with the new. Looking for a new bra online? Pierre Cardin Lingerie is your one stop store to shop all the bras you are looking for. Our products range from petite bras, to  plus size bras to push up and even  backless bras. We even have  corset lingerie, sleepwear and  ladies underwear if you are looking for more than just bras. You can head on over to Pierre Cardin Lingerie  official website now to see more or learn more at our blogs.

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