May 14, 2019

Showing Off Your Natural Beauty with Confidence

Who here loves push up bra? It all dates back to the 15th and 16th century where the beauty of breasts came into style. The invention of push up bra came into light when many women stop wanting to wear corset under their gown in societal events. Mary Phelps Jacobs, one of the founders of many bra-like creations first design is made out of two handkerchiefs and some ribbon.

Push up bras was finally introduced in the 1960s with the purpose of its great function and to boost confidence to the point where women would take pride in their undergarments as well!

In March 2012, a study by the University of Manchester proved that push up bra significantly boosts confidence which is 75% higher than normal.

All in all, push up bra is a women’s best friend! Pick one up today and feel the difference in style and energy!

Showing Off Your Natural Beauty with Confidence

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