June 20, 2019

The days of challenges are just beginning. As we work towards the end of the year, more motivation and energy are needed to keep up the momentum!
What is needed to fuel that energy?
Here are 6 sources of motivation we want to share with you today:
1. Necessities in life such as food and roof over our head play a very important role as one of our core sources of motivation. It can even transform to goals such as from where we are now and to get to where we want to be and to be strong enough to provide for ourselves and to reach out to our friends and loved ones with support and kindness.

2. Confidence is such an important factor in our lives, as it plays a major role from being able to take care of ourselves, to being able to develop abilities and skills to take on greater challenges on our life. Many opportunities will come our way, but will we be confident enough to take them on? Therefore, we need to be motivated to build confidence in the areas in our life that we know will be important such as physical health, nutrition, responsibilities and achieving goals.

3. Mastery is said to be the purest form of motivation as it a place of obsession and perfectionalism! We will constantly seek to improve ourselves to reach the peak! This is the kind of motivation everyone will want to search for because, it provides a very powerful kind of intrinsic motivation that sharpens over time and rarely fades away.

4. Curiosity towards our own potential can be a great source of motivation. As some will say it, it is a secret ingredient to success. Curiousity invokes the desire to question. The more we solve the mystery, the more we are rewarded with satisfaction. So it is a good thing to set your time every morning to think about what you are curious of.

5. Another good thing to consider about when it comes to motivation is the Environment. This type of motivation is brought on by the way we do the little things in life, from eating from a smaller plate, to reading and doing work in a well lit room. It is the little decisions that make us develop a habbit, an intrinsic subconscious motivation that drives us to fo the further mile in whatever we do.

6. Fitness is said to be strongly linked to motivation. Exercising set us on a path to greater consciousness to reduce anxiety, depression, and negative mood by improving self-esteem and confidence! Being fit internally and fully detoxed can be said the main source of power that fuels your different types of motivation.

Being fit helps to:

  1. Improve sleep to avoid headache in the morning
  2. Reduce stress level as it will bring you greater mental clarity
  3. Improve your tolerance level to negativity
  4. Sets you in a greater mood when tackling challenges
  5. Increase your stamina and energy to push on
  6. Improve your confidence in socialising and communicating

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Please share this article to your friends and family and we hope you find your motivation and achieve great success in life.

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